Welcome Page Introducing American Express @ Work® Program Alerts.

With @ Work Alerts, we’ve made it easier for you to stay in control of your Card program. Click "Take the Tour" to launch a guided walk-through, or explore on your own.

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Once subscribed, new, unread alerts will be displayed on the Home Page so that you don’t miss important Card program activity.
Select More to view up to five alerts on the Home Page.
See All Notifications takes you to the Notification Center where all notifications are posted.
Card Member Details
The Notification Center displays all notifications from the last 45 days in one place.
Tailor your view by Alert Type.
Click the Card Member name to take you to the Card Profile page to view more details on transactions.
Mark the status of an individual notification to read or unread.
image You can subscribe to alerts from the Program Alerts Settings page. A check mark indicates you have subscribed to this alert.
Clicking the toggle button will subscribe you to the alert. When a new alert is ready to be viewed it will be posted in your Notification Center.
Drag the Days Outstanding bar to select the timeframe for Payment Status alerts.
Select to receive optional daily or weekly email alerts.
You will be alerted on all transactions exceeding the selected value.
These values are approximate as they are converted from USD.
Card Member Details
Each selection is based of off the Merchant Category Groups. These are the same groups that are used by the @ Work Reporting tool.
The High Risk Personal Retail and High Risk Personal Services options are defaulted when you subscribe to this alert.
You can customize your selections if you choose.
Card Member Details
This alert is based off of rules controlled by the Risk Team. These rules are based on various inputs and can differ across clients and markets. When a Card Member attempts to make a purchase that is declined due to our Risk rules (i.e. a potentially fraudulent or questionable spend transaction) the PA will be notified of the decline. (Coming Soon!)
This alert is activated when a new report is posted to your @ Work Reporting inbox.
There is no email option for this alert as @ Work Report Ready alerts are sent directly via the @ Work Reporting tool if you have opted in.
Settings here do not affect the @ Work Reporting emails that you may be receiving.
image By subscribing, alerts will be delivered to the @ Work Home Page and Notification Center. Optional email delivery can be added.
image The Alert Subscriptions summary will update based on your selections.